"Counter Strike! Keep move!"


you might be wondering why russian guys in middle east.
cause I dont have Opfor. somebody could give me link to download such opfor?

that’s actually pretty good.


their phymodels are sux.

as a hell

Maybe the insurgents simkas made.

I’d rate you bad spelling, but this is a good picture, so have an artistic.


i like the blood but it needs to spread out more instead of going in 1 direction
Dof is nice as always, so is the posing

have wood

Looks great, were did you get the sniper from?

Where did you get that sniper model on the far right?



I asked you about blood, sir. LOL
how do i make realistic blood?


i dont want to release it cause it’s sux.

personally, i add some smoke into it, white and then kind of pinkish color for impact kind of look
I add a small piece of debris looking stuff for shirt pieces, then I add a medium amount of blood, your style but a little less

i’ve tried but i failed.