Counter Strike meets Garry's Mod

This is our first Garry’s Mod 11 video. Our aim was train how to make movies with it and different styles of shooting and acting, we did not have any storyline wrote up with this as you can see ^^ .
We’re planning to release our first full Garry’s Mod 11 Machinima in 2010.

Comment and Rate! (Watch in HD)

Remember watch bloopers also ^^

I got bored after 2 minutes, try to add voiceacting and stuff.

Oh yes rate him dumb, without giving your thoughts…Bravo. The camera angles and effects were nice, but voices would of helped.

Yeah thanks all for rating me dump without giving comment, really mature.

And like I said this was pretty much training, we are now much more wiser making this new movie.
Also we did not have voice because we are from Finland and well my accent is so… bad that I sound like a russian, and that’s too embarrassing :slight_smile:

But we try to add some voice with our new movie. And thanks for all good comments :slight_smile:

I got bored by 1:03

I got bored at 0:05

Finnish accent is nowhere near Russian.

I said my accent sounds like a russian. Not all Finnish…

And ChestyMcGeeks and LarryGeeks your youtube channels almost killed my eyes :open_mouth: