Counter-Strike: Modern Warfare 2 - A skinpack for CSS alpha 3 (dead ver.)

This it my old complication mod that has not been worked on in months.

I’m am releasing this now as you may know, the YT channel of .exe
(sk84ever2142) is gone and he is gone also.

This includes many skins, including:
and much more stuff.

As you may not know, this pack is UNFINISHED. I was going to complete it, but now I’m making the remake of this mod.

So, click here for your DL.

Can you post pictures?

Why make a thread like me? no offense

Ok… But I’m currently working on the remake… DOH.

EDIT: This was in development WAY before you mod began or was posted here. No offense also.
EDIT 2: Also, you see up there? It saids DEAD. This is really old.

offense, jk good luck though.

We need pictures please.


I need to get a seperate install or something…

no pic, no download…

I downloaded this installed it and INSTANTLY HATED THIS. The only MW2 weapon in this pack that I could see was the crappy .eXe UGLY silver slided Desert Eagle. This isn’t an MW2 pack its more like a bunch of fail weapons that someone made that MIGHT POSSIBLY resemble MW2 weapons. This pack isn’t MW2 its shit. The only way to fix anything like this is to port and animate MW2 weapons; instead of downloading some crappy skins that have the same name as some MW2 weapons.

^good constructive critism, anyways battlepope is already porting the weapons check out his thread



I thought it was pretty good.

Lol, this is pretty funny. You do know this is an alpha right so its not that good right?

Yes I know its an Alpha. But I’ve seen MUCH BETTER alphas.

/serious face

:confused: What exactly?

Not telling

HOW RUDE! (Insert Full House Pic Here)

This mod never got to the finalization process of replacing all weapons and etc.


Actually there was a fal, the five-seven and more of .eXe’s stuff in there in case your blind in both eyes and didn’t see that.

Heh. Him being blind in both eyes would explain how he noticed the deagle.