Counter Strike Online 2 content.

There was a thread about this:

My question is the same. I need a way to decompile these pkgs so I can peek at what lurks within.
Help will be appreciated.

I did all I could

Get me a korean Nexon account and I’ll get the models out of the game instantly.

Do you have to start the Game to extract them or are you able to extract them from the Game Files?

I Feel like a dumb ass for what i wrote in that old post :S

You NEED to be signed into a Nexon account for the game to start which can lead you to extract the models from memory.

You NEED to be signed into a Nexon account if you wish to decrypt the game files since the game retrieves a key online to decrypt them.

So overall you NEED a working Nexon account

Last time I checked this one was in beta… for korea and china only…

never heard of there being a CSO 2. looks really nice, especially with the old fashioned CS 1.6 factions having a source version.

yes and the model variants are nice

They look like they’re from Final Fantasy… I mean, they look very asian.

Imagine that. Characters from an Asian game look Asian.

no matter how westernized they try to make it look it will always have that tint of looking Asian no matter what

You talkin’ about skin colour mate? You being racist dick head???

Well, this ought to teach me NOT to ignore threads for 2 weeks. I will see what I can do about the account, there is probably a way. Thanks for the advice though.