Counter Strike Online 2 map and game package decompiling

So Yeah I found this old thread:

Has there been any progress?

By the way, I have run into issues when opening the files of this game. Only a few files came out. Anyone has tips on how to open this crap?

Cra0 maintain CS:GO cheat now, he lost interest to CSO2 long time ago. You can take out only models, textures and sounds. BSP header is a bit different, main block is compressed.

Well the thing is, most of the files fail to open properly. The extractor just crashes.

Do you use an unpacker from Xentax or another one?

I got it from here:

I will see if I can get the xentax one.

Well it worked, the packages decompiled properly. Thanks for the advice.

Now we just need someone to figure out the bsp format of this game.

can you post a link to a bsp :slight_smile:

Take a look:

Well I was going to upload one, but I guess you saved me the trouble. Thanks.

the bsp is a version 100 atm i haven’t found a way of downgrading it to a version bspsrc can decompile :frowning:

Should I be possible to get bspsrc to open it?

Bspsrc will not work for it, look at bsp as binary file and you’ll see LZMA header after header block. Also, nobody knows what differences between CSO2 header and BSP 20/21 header (Not sure, but some old UI things and dynamic lighting make me think that this engine version is close to L4D1 version).
It’s even can be a lump compression that was used in console versions, but I never saw BSPs from them.

Necroposting but I found one guy from Hong Kong who “found his way” to decompile CSO2 maps. He probably won’t tell you, but he’s working on CSS mod that add weapons/characters/maps from CSO2. Maybe next mod update will have some CSO2 maps recompiled for CS:S.