Counter-Strike Realistic Weapons 4.0 - Error

[CSS Realistic Weapons] lua/weapons/weapon_real_base/shared.lua:442: ‘)’ expected near ‘|’

  1. unknown - lua/weapons/weapon_real_base/shared.lua:0

[CSS Realistic Weapons] lua/weapons/weapon_real_base_snip/shared.lua:436: ‘)’ expected near ‘|’

  1. unknown - lua/weapons/weapon_real_base_snip/shared.lua:0

[CSS Realistic Weapons] lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_famas/shared.lua:182: ‘)’ expected near ‘|’

  1. unknown - lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_famas/shared.lua:0

[CSS Realistic Weapons] lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_glock18/shared.lua:166: ‘)’ expected near ‘|’

  1. unknown - lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_glock18/shared.lua:0

[CSS Realistic Weapons] lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_knife/shared.lua:51: bad argument #2 to ‘CreateFont’ (table expected, got number)

  1. CreateFont - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_knife/shared.lua:51

[CSS Realistic Weapons] lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_pumpshotgun/shared.lua:287: ‘)’ expected near ‘|’

  1. unknown - lua/weapons/weapon_real_cs_pumpshotgun/shared.lua:0

Did you edit any of those files by chance?
Also CreateFont needs to be updated from GM12 version to GM13 version

[editline]28th February 2013[/editline]

If you could show us the lines it would help too.

No, i did not edit anything,

i got it from >

i dont know much of lua editing i just got into it afew months ago but i barely do editing was for Gmod 12, most of the stuff on there is old and outdated. I would recommend you try to find it on workshop OR see if there is an SVN version that is up to date. Updating CSS Realistic may be a pain in the butt.