Counter-Strike Source Maps in Gmod

Do custom Counter-Strike Source maps actually work in Gmod? I tried loading maps like cs_northtower and the loading bar gets stuck at around 10% before the game crashes. Some maps, like cs_jungle works though.

Yeah, even mcdonalds worked pretty well for me.

The only problem is, SteamPipe is causing trouble

One problem I found with this is that CS maps will not load if there is a .nav file in the GMod map folder to go with the map. Very odd

I think I’ve figured why that is, the navigations are meant for the CS bots. (Not sure if TF2 crashes since it now comes with those)

Still, it didn’t crash with GMod 12, and I have not tested it with TF2. If I’m playing a single-player game, the map should not even call the .nav file if I didn’t even request bots.

It actually did crash in 12, I have had numerous problems with that back then. It seemed to happen only in multiplayer though.

Ah, I had only tested it with single player in 12. I just wish that Garry would take a look at the issue.

Do you all still need help with the map? Because I have a solution that should work.

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What was your solution? I haven’t had any issues with CS:S maps just not loading.

The solution I was trying to give (but couldn’t due to me being banned for no good reason) was specifically for cs_northtower. I was experimenting with the two versions of the map. The “2011” version, and the original version. What I did was take the original’s files and the 2011 version’s .bsp and shove them together. It should then load up nicely in GMod. It’s hard to explain. I can post images of what I did if you all want

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Okay, instead I’ll provide a more detailed explanation.

First, download both versions of cs_northtower and extract them to their own folders.
If you did it correctly, it should look like this:

Now, head into the folder called “cs_northtower” and delete the .bsp file. Extract “Server fix” and head into the folder that’s been extracted. Now, copy the contents of “maps” and paste it into your “maps” folder in your Garry’s Mod files. Do the same with “Materials”. after that, head into the “_1648-” folder and take the .bsp from that and place it in you maps folder.

And then, done! You can delete the two downloaded folders after.
If there’s any issues please let me know.

I didn’t even know maps could have res files attached to them. I think the problem is that there is no nav file that comes with either map even though the res file specifies one.

Hmm, odd.

The original map doesn’t even load in CS:S on its own or with the “serverfix” and instantly crashes with “bad extents” engine error.
Same thing happens on GMod.

The .bsp itself seems to be corrupted, nothing to do with any game.

That’s why I said to use the .bsp from the 2011 version, and not the original.