Counter Strike Source : MW2 Ghost skin Problem - Bonus Poll

Hi, I have Ghost’s TFB skin for Counter Strike Source, but I couldn’t put them in Counter Strike Source. Instead of the file name eg: ct_urban or ct_gign, the files are all BZGHOST. I tried renaming them, but I got errors and my Counter Strike Crashed. I am craving to put Ghost on my CT team :3

I wanna make Ghost my GIGN or GSG9. I’ve uploaded the file here

So if you’re willing to help, thanks alot :smiley:
Oh btw, you could answer the poll if you want :smiley:

This doesn’t diserve a thread, theres already a whole thread dedicated to making MW2 replacements for CSS.

My favorite sight is the Uninstall icon.

Yeah, but specifically I want his TFB outfit, which isn’t in threads. I’m desperate you know

The person making all the skins can do it for you, hes done most of his skins in less than a week.