Counter Strike Source Server.

My clan has a counter strike source server called CGS|Clan Server.
Port: 27015
It has a 3 map rotation of Office, Italy and Dust 2 and the server is always busy so come and join us to have some fun. Also if your a cool guy you can join the clan.


Welcome to Garry’s Mod.

Wrong game, brah.

Seems like a cool Garry’s Mod server.

Only kidding, but even though this isn’t a GMod server I’ll join and check it out.

Hello and welcome to facepunch. You have entered the Garry’s Mod advertising section.

Hello, Rashy.

I posted it here as there was no general server advertisement section.

This is the garrys mo-


So why Garrys Mod, it done nothing to you!
:frowning: Just leave Britney Alone!!

I believe this is garrysmod for garrysmod servers only no CSS servers so go away and post on another forum. :ms:

It wasn’t really a mystery lol.