Counter-Strike Source Weapon Models Missing

So I tried to get back into Taco 'n Banana for the hell of it, downloaded their gigantic megapacks (which are very painfully outdated) and everything seemed peachy (aside from crashing on their servers for being on half-an-hour and giving up trying to play their servers again, so maybe not very peachy). Then I messed around in single-player and learned that the view models for my Counter-Strike: Source weapons were outright errors. I used material skins but no model replacements. The world models seem to be either non-existent or missing their textures. Checked GCFScape and the original file paths along with whatever shit the TNB packs put on my comp; nothing is conflicting with what’s missing. The player models from CS:S are still there and working fine, but my main weapon models from the same game just randomly borked themselves apparently.

Any ideas, extra things I should check or otherwise?

Bump with an apparent problem realization;

The game doesn’t consider Counter-Strike: Source as mounted. I’ve checked the extensions menu, it’s there and checked, the player models are there and work perfectly fine (I got custom textures for them but not custom models), but for some reason the weapon models don’t seem to be mounted. Anyone know a fix for this?

CS 1.6 is better , no wait, CS sucks! CoD FTW!

Okay, an early bump yes, but I found out that for some reason, the game isn’t mounting properly at all. The spawnlists show, but things like the Hostage models are missing their textures and the CS:S props refuse to spawn at all. The only reason the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists are showing is because I downloaded custom textures (dunno why the player models would show if the props and weapons aren’t).

I’m beginning to think this is because of the recent ‘big update’ for Counter-Strike: Source, but there’s been people taking pictures and such and all of their CS:S content seems to still work fine.

Well, i’m an idiot.

It WAS the update. Or rather, Steam didn’t download the update so I had to make it do so. Without the update, all CS:S content was bugged or missing. I got it handled, this problem is resolved as everything works now.