Counter Strike Source weapons for deathrun.

Hey i was wondering if anyone got the good counter strike source weapons for deathrun game mode , I’ve been searching but without any succes.
If someone could maybe send me the good ones it would be great!, Zip them, rar the…what ever aslong as they work :smiley:

Im in need of :
Basicly every weapon, also smoke…flash and normal grenades


You want us, to download you an addon?

Sorry but it sounds very fishy, the fact that you want us to send you CSS files by email. Could you post a link to your Steam profile here so we can verify that you have GMod? Anyhow, sending CSS files is in a grey zone as far as I believe. Sort of a “buy the game or don’t use it” thing. You don’t want to get yourself banned in the end.

LOL, I remember DLing the Gun Model Pack before I owned CS:S. But it was fucked up and awful no sound lol. Anyway, Sounds like a pirate