Counter Strike Textures.

So there I was, happy for having purchasing Team Fortress 2 when I had the chance to also get Garry’s Mod again, which I had loved the last time I played.
I noticed that it required 1 source game and also noticed one of the bundles was with Team Fortress 2, so I had no worries that it wouldn’t work.
Purchase completed -> Game started -> Played on Single Player -> It worked.

Then I wanted to go to a RP server, which I had long waited for…

Only to find out that half of the textures are from CS:S.
Tried another server… another… another.

Turns out like 90% of GMod servers require CS:S textures and the only fix for this purple and black country (And also freaky sky) is buying CS:S.

Now my question is quite obvious now, how do I overcome this? I honestly didn’t read anywhere when I bought GMod that if I didn’t have Counter Strike Source I was fucked,
If you know a way, moral or immoral to fix my little stressful problem, I would be more than happy.

And please, as tempting as it is, don’t tell me “buy cs source”, please.

Counter-Strike:Source is $14.99 :eng101:

christmas sales, it has gotten a little cheaper for now.

The only thing you can do to fix it, is to buy CS, any other method would be illegal.

In theory it’s possible to unpack a cache file containing the textures into your Garry’s Mod folder, but not advised as it’s illegal to steal textures from games that you do not own.

Just ask someone you know for $20.00 as a late holiday gift.