Countering cheaters who use 'ESP' to spot loot

I’m curious… I understand that cheaters can use a hack to see loot boxes hidden within buildings (but can’t view the loot inside the boxes).

Does this also apply to secret stashes? I.e. can they also be seen using cheats?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m currently building a new base and considering whether I should:

  1. Add a loot box in EVERY room of my base, so that cheaters don’t know which is the real loot room; or

  2. Use ONLY secret stashes, so that my base appears empty.

This doesn’t apply to ‘honest’ raiders of course - they just have to rely on luck and good judgement, and I really don’t mind being legitimately raided (that’s all part of the game!). I do however play on an Official server*, so anything to help counter the cheating swine would be useful :slight_smile:

*yeah… I know I could swich to a community server with an admin. But I like the old Official servers. They have a sense of ‘history’ and are well populated, despite the douchebags, which poses a nice challenge.

I’m pretty sure ESP can see all small stashes. I got a friend who placed a small stash beneath a large wood storage box with all C4 he had. His house was very big/wide and there were like 20 large wood storage boxes in different rooms (like 1 large wood storage box per room). Guess what? The only room that raiders destroyed the Large Wood Storage was the room with the small stash beneath it.

So yes, the best option to counter ESP is the first one you said.

^ Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

A storage box in each room seems like the way to go. It’ll also infuriate the hell out of regular raiders, so it’s a win:win.

You could also troll the cheaters by placing like 3 small stashes beneath the large wood storage box on your “most protected” room in your house and leave them empty. I’m pretty sure they will try really hard to go to that room and waste all their C4.

I did this by accident once. Put 15 small stashes underneath a small box in a new house, intending to transfer my loot to them the next day. Logged in, someone had broken in, a straight line through 3 walls on the third story into that room and destroyed the small box. I wonder how long he spent looking through the stashes before realizing they were all empty xD

I recommend placing fake chests in your house. Even if there are no hackers, this is still a very good idea. When people look through the cracks and just see every room has 3 - 4 chests, it will increase the chance of them not raiding you and rather choosing an easier target.

No need for C4 when they can just clip into the walls.

But ya i know what you mean.

Our house is riddled with fake chests and under each fake chest is a stash. One of those stashes holds our c4 supply. Hackers/cheaters aren’t likely to have the attention-span/patience to find the jackpot in a 100+ room building.

My base is 20 metal stories tall. 3 foundations forming an “L”. You cannot climb up because there is a mix of 10-pillars, 20 stories foundations - wood and metal, in every possible direction, going on a 10~20 meters radius. That said, I put my most valuable loot on the 15 floor where I have a sleeping bag (one I last placed). In EVERY OTHER ROOM I have some sleeping bags or a bed and usually 3 Big Storage Boxes, sometimes only 2 with some normal boxes. I also have a lot of small stashes in every room.

I know some people hack in the server I play and I know they can see my base (it’s well hidden, but, for hackers, there’s no such thing as well hidden). So, funny thing: I was farming and on my way back home I saw 3 or 4 people staring at my tower. I rushed to them just to see their nicknames and, funny thing, it’s the hacker clan which only I believe they are hackers, no one else.

They don’t aimbot or esp during fights, speed hack or fly. However, they have raided EVERY-SINGLE-BIG-HOUSE in the server. And, of course, they are successful in every raid. So, after I got killed, I spawned to a sleeping bag hidden on a rock just to watch them spend about 20 C4, going from the bottom all the way up to the last floor until they quit. Funny thing, they said in chat “this guy is a hacker, how can he have so much wood stuff? so many boxes, crates, barricades, etc etc etc”.

That was a couple of weeks ago. I got banned because I’m a lone wolf and gathered all that wood by myself (I’d say about 20k wood) and admins where SURE I hacked, somehow, to gather so much wood.

Really hope Rust does not turn into a WarZ-Infection-IDK-its-face full of cheaters because it’s going to be a real waste. If the other games out right now I’m playing atm keep hack-free, I don’t even know if I’m gonna come back to Rust… just make sure the experimental branch is very hard to bypass/cheat. I know 100% safe isn’t possible but, please, you guys made a few million bucks with pre-alpha, think of how much more you can make if this game is hack-free or ban every cheater fast enough…

I beat the cheats by storing everything in furnaces. I never get a room raided that has 3 furnaces or more. So all my chests are fake. Just dont put a chest in with a furnace or they will catch on. Cheats arent programmed to see furnaces atm.

Use furnaces

^ Good info about furnaces! I never knew that.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

EDIT: I guess campfires would work the same? Less storage space but cheaper to build if so.

Yeah but if a legit player sees a furnace through the cracks in your wall, they’re going to start salivating.

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Nope, campfires don’t work because you can only store meat and wood.

See legits are also looking for crates so put a ton of them on the outer layer so they can see them. They will waste c4 going from room to room and most likely skip furnace only rooms. Put some empty furnaces around as well. You will either make them use a ton of c4 to get your loot or they will give up thinking you have none.

Me and my guys don’t skip furnace rooms, we head toward them. That’s where all the sulfur gets made. That’s where lazy people stash it.

i was having a conversation with a hack turned friendly on a server a while back. he suggested that the best way to combat ESP was to use the stashes under the door trick. dunno if hes right though. any opinions?

he’s wrong. they can still get them. There really is no fool proof method to beat esp. best bet it doing liek some folks said already , boxes everywhere, make it a f***ing scavenger hunt.

I put furnaces poking out the side of the walls and boxes in all rooms regardless of esp.