I laughed. Freaking awesome.

Fucking Epic! Especially with Ultras Rail Gun! Super sexy though!

Frickin awesome electro beam.

Also, world model rail gun!? :eek:

Yeah, made it from the V model :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic editing and good use in-game effects.

Shmexy editing, shmexy lighting, shmexy concept: It’s dead shmexy!

A rail gun for the engineer would be an awesome concept: drains metal for each shot, but does a recockulous amount of damage. I’d want a gun like that.

Awesome picture.
Shame about the nVidia dynamic shadows though.

Ouchie, that must hurt.

Great work man.

What’s that?

Nvidia cards make the dynamic shadow look fuzzy and grainy… that’s what I’ve heard.

My shadows are like that most of the time and I have a Radeon 4870…

This is so awesome.

Haha the spy got owned

‘‘i appear to have bursted into flames’’