CounterStrike: Source Materials?

1,4 Ghz Intel Celeron D
1 GB + 512 MB
6700 GS Nvidia
Windows XP

Wire SVN
And other thingies

Problem: Well i’ve beign looking for CounterStrike: Source Materials for Garry’s Mod for over 2 months now and I decided to call for help. I don’t really wanna use anything besides Windows and Winzip 11 Pro. Cause I pritty suck at computing :stuck_out_tongue:

I whould REALLY apriciate if someone made a package that included all CSS materials for Gmod, or that a high classed person could contact Valve if they whould include CSS materials in GMOD because it’s more like being a must in better RP maps. (I really want CSS materials cus im REALLY into Dark RP/ RP)

Well this was about it, I hope someone can help me.

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Ohh and Garry? Do you know sakarias88?
You should work together, besides hes Swedish or Finnish he does speak pritty good English.
You two should form an awesome coding duo! I cant even think of the posiblities!

Do you have Counter Strike Source?

Get CS:S. Anything else is wares.

I don’t own CS:S, I’ve heard someone say sumthing about HalflifeUpdate orsomething like that.
But for the rest I gave up cus I kinda tired of failing things

Buy CSS for god’s sake. It’s £5 atm.

The simplest way to solve this, as others have said, is to buy Counter Strike Source. It is still only $5 from steam if you buy it now.

I agree, I mean what other widely played game can you get on steam now for $5 I mean if you don’t think that’s not a good deal don’t bother posting.

I always ask, “How did you get Garry’s Mod if you can’t get CS:S?”
:yarr: A pirate ye be :yarr:

I’ve never even CONSIDERED buying CS:S. It’s called Half Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress, and DOD:S.

CS:S is good for textures and is a very good classic FPS as well. OH BTW IT’S $5!