Counting Props and getting max props

So im creating this info menu for the players on my server and im having troubles with getting the maxprops and the amount of props i have spawned in. The max props would be easy but i use URS for per rank limits and i dont know how to call those.

Unless you’re writing the code yourself, it may be easier for you to read through the code and look for variable names as we may not be able to help with this

Im coding the info panel my self i just cant figure out how to get max props since i use urs and i dont know how to get the number of props spawned by the player.

ply:GetCount( "props" )

returns amount of spawned props for player.

What is URS?

This is URS

That is what checks if you can spawn it. If you simply look at the function near

You can see what it checks. The prop limit check is at

So if it is a prop, you can look up the max for the player by doing
local limit = URS.limits[“prop”][ply:GetUserGroup()]