Couple in a restaurant

its a teaser

James Mcavoy and the talking cat

professor xavier is ajar

That woman looks high as fuck.

butthurter does it again

clap clap clap clap

I like it alot, but the hand posing is kinda ankward, still amasing tough keep up the good work

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and again, don’t use simple DOF

its not simple dof though
just ugly super dof

i dont know… :v:

you have ruined the joke
you ate my chili
sit in the corner

>Implying that it ruined it for everyone.
>No i didn’t. Not funny.
>No. You’d rather be the one to sit in the corner.

you ruined it for everyone
butthurter agrees with me

i would agree but the thing is its sort of many posts below so

Why’s there rope stuck up the elephant’s ass?

shut the fuck up

Hand posing needs a little work, nice job though