Couple of basics, please

My kid found out about the Drunk Combine. We got Wire SVN and the model installed. Now how does he spawn it, and “get in” to it? I know everyone hates this model from searching the forums, he just wants to use it on his machine. If he ever goes online, I will tell him not to use it. Also, he cannot change his model from Kleiner. I really appreciate any help, he is usually pretty good with these things, he mastered TSRP all by himself, but I guess this is really different. He is getting seriously frustrated, but I know he will like it when he gets good.

Uhh, Idk if he or you guys know how to change the model but I’ll help as much as I can.

For model: Press Q go to options on the far right side of the menu, and then there’s a model tab when you look under options, just look at all the models and click the one you like.

For drunk combine: I think you just need to press E on it. (not sure)

To spawn the Drunk Combine, select it from the Advanced Duplicator tool and spawn it, then press E on the sofa.