Couple of build server hackers?

Just thought i would throw this out to the community. Just happened to be bouncing around build servers today since the update or whatever screwed with my normal ones. I will name the servers in case the owners or admins see this so they can clean up the mess. I saw 2 players :

hyperman STEAM_0:1:29327756 “

facepalm STEAM_0:0:22029898 “

Somehow both gaining SuperAdmin/Console in both X_X Build 24/7 [PHXSVN|WIRESVN|UWIRESVN] and Rinat’s Build Server of Fun and Destruction. Unbanning everyone on the ban list and banning the players that were currently online. also looked like spamming entire contents of server directory into chat. flipping game screens upside down etc.

SO you build server owners may want to check and see if anything has been messed with. also, unban me please :stuck_out_tongue:

X_X build’s admins are so unintelligent they probably made them admin by mistake…

No offense; but it’s true.

Just in case though, i’ve permabanned them from entering my server.

Oh, I just saw this post…
That “dark-herald” guy hacked our server and another server alittle while ago. I made a thread about it. I didn’t see this one.
There was no accidental promotions, I assure you.

I just joined that server today and magically had Elite Admin. I was able to use console commands and just kicked someone to test it and I got banned :frowning: I think they need to fix their server problems and get a better admin mod than ULX

Woah. Their admin system is so broken it’s funny.

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Off-topic: Do you know who the owner of X_X build is?

IF so, i would realllly like to be unbanned

Nope, sorry. :saddowns:

hmm, looks like dark-herald screwed up quite alot of servers. the other day I saw another thread like this mentioning that name.

For everyones information…here is a link to that said forum i think sonichitman is talking about.!