Couple of menu + swep problems


I’m having a couple of problems on the server I play on where the menus aren’t working properly for me. I can’t choose what type of rope/wire I want to use, I can’t select materials, and certain sweps don’t appear in the menu even though I know the server has them (css ones in this case). Anyone know what I can do to fix this? I recently reinstalled garrysmod and updated all my SVN addons but the problem still persists.

Here’s a list of the addons I have installed, all the ones highlighted are SVN:

Any help solving this would be much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Has the server you’re playing on have the updated version of whatever you want to spawn, just an idea.

Pretty sure it does. Spawning props and stuff isn’t a problem. It’s things like rope tool that I’m having the problems with, and I don’t see how that can go out of date.

Hate to double post, but does anyone have any ideas? This bug is really starting to tick me off now, it’s only been happening since the last Gmod update :confused: