Couple of problems importing into 3DS Max

I’m using cannonfodder’s MDL decompiler, and it decompiles just fine and such. I import the smd into 3ds max, and even when I tick “Import Materials” it still comes out grey. It always does. I’m going to do some animations and such and when I render it I dont want the model to be all grey.
I have one more problem, and that’s the heavy has no hands :U
I havnt tested every other model but I’ve done the medic, spy, heavy, and demoman and all of them come out grey. Hopefully someone has a solution to this.
(Hopefully someone will also know how to put animations back into TF2 for some custom taunts and such :D)

You have to add textures to them. If you didn’t know this already then you really shouldn’t be doing animations if you’re just starting to use 3ds max.

That’s not what I meant. I meant how do I get the .vtf files in 3DS Max, because I know how to apply textures.
I found the vtf plugin already, though. But I only have one more problem:
The eye textures are vmt files, not vtf, so I cant import them. What can I do about this?