Couple of questions before buying.

Hello all!

Almost a year ago, I used to play this game on Rust Legacy servers using a cracked client which was quite enjoyable.
I am currently considering buying this game on Steam and continue playing with a legitcopy.
However I have some questions:

How are community servers?
Back when I played on a cracked server, I noticed that it had great admins along with some nice server settings such as 2x gathering and home teleport. It also didn’t have any sort of weekly wipes (more monthly). Do community servers also have these kind of servers?

Will Experimental be more optimized?
When I tried to play on a cracked experimental server, I noticed that my GPU (GT 630M) was not really getting good peformance. I was getting like 20 fps on low settings. So I was wondering if Experimental is more optimized now or if it’ll get more optimized in the close-future. Also how is raiding in experimental? I believe C4 was re-adde back at some point and I was wondering if you can still get raided easily if you have an weak base.

Is it possible to play on cracked servers?
Its probably obvious that I can’t play with cracked servers using a legit copy, but I was still hoping that there would be a non illegal way to play with cracked servers for friends who only play cracked.

1 - there are thousands of community and modded servers, many of them with active admins. Youre actually more likely to encounter an online admin on a community/modded server than you are on an official one. Mods like increased gather, home tp and lots of others are widely used on modded community servers. Most servers will wipe only when a server/client update requires it, which happens once a month. Very busy servers might elect to wipe more often if they become overpopulated with structures.

2 - “Experimental” is no longer experimental, its default Rust. You have to opt-in to the unsupported Legacy “Beta” in steam if you want to play Legacy. Rust is much more optimized than it was in its Experimental stage, though you probably wont get great performance from a GT 630M, at least at high graphical settings.

3 - Firstly, props for being honest about using cracked software, secondly, the Facepunch forums are probably not the beast place to talk about your cracked Facepunch warez, for obvious reasons. The rules of the Facpunch forum state, for future reference: Piracy And Leaks

You won’t be banned for warez/leaks unless:

• You provide links
• You ask for links
• You hint at where to download
• You openly declare or brag about it

My advice would be get your mates to buy legit copies of the game. They’ll have less hackers to contend with as a bonus.

Hope this helps

^^ see point 3 with big bold letters. credit for honesty, but the facepunch forums are not the right place to admit to using a cracked version of rust.

a cracked version is likely to only be able to access non-protected servers, so odds are you would be able to play on the same servers with players not using genuine versions until they get banned.

as for the rest, it’s in alpha. if you choose to purchase the game, keep in mind that it is early in development, can be buggy as hell, but is regularly updated.