Couple of straight forward questions.

Well hi. Just a few questions my dad grilled me on and I had no idea how they worked. He had a point, I have no idea of the basics of gmod lua. So if you could help me out with a few of these.

1.) What is the file execution in the gamemode setup.

2.) What symbols denote server and client, and are they absolutely necessary?

3.) Oh, almost forgot. Is there anything particularly tricky about GLON I’m not understanding. For the most part I’m just using it to serialize player data, but I’m getting a bunch of stack overflow errors.

I have no clue what you are asking please explain more

Sure, let me try to explain.

1.) What is the order in which lua executes certain files in the gamemode directory?

2.) Things like cl_derma, sv_playerData, are the cl and the sv’s mandatory and are there other varieties?

3.) Is there anything special about GLON that’s not straightforward?

Oh, and that was most definitely not flawless. lol

If I’m right it’s:

  • First it runs init.lua on the server
  • Then it runs cl_init.lua on the client
  • Then it runs all the files run that you included in cl_init and init.lua
  • Now it starts to run the SWEPS, SENTS and effects from the derived gamemode
  • Now it starts to run those from the current gamemode

BUT you include the files before the code in init, there is no order im sure its all at the same time literally