Couple of things I'd like to know.

Hi all,

So, for school I’m making a machinima for a project. I figure Garry’s mod is the best program to use. I tried a couple of test yesterday, and i ran into a couple of problems.

  1. Getting one object to go onto another. I was trying to put a rag-doll onto an office chair. They would push each other and wouldn’t go any where near each other. So I used the no collide tool. I positioned, then tried to use the weld tool, but it wouldn’t work. How can i turn no collide off and use the weld tool without the 2 props flying away from each other? Much more simply, how do i turn off no collide itself?

  2. Because i only have 2 other people to work with, i need to make npc’s move around on a set path. Is there a way i can say, make them walk from one point to another?


  1. You can undo No-Collides from the Q-menu by selecting the Utilities tab and choose Undo.
  2. Has an “Advanced Waypoint Maker”. Its very useful.

Also, for easy & effective camera angles, use this