Couple of WWII Poses

Recently I’ve been trying to get better with rain effects so here is an edit that reflects the results so far.

  • If the snipers intended target is in question. It is the German soldier on the bottom right hand side of the screen with the minuscule amount of blood coming from his head (Something I need to work on).

Original -

Note - I had made another one but I neglected to realize how terrible the edit looked when displayed in its full size so I decided to go against uploading it until I make a presentable version.

In the meantime I figured it would be appropriate to create something that doesn’t involve rain.

Original -

BTW - In regards to the German soldiers right hand looking somewhat like a fist. It was an attempt to make him look as if he was trying to grab onto the allied soldiers jacket to prevent himself from being tossed. Originally I had the German with a flat hand but it just didn’t look like something you would do if you were about to get thrown.

the second pic is pretty nice

Not bad but the jpeg quality is horrible.

It’s good, but I’m not really fan of Photoshop edits.

Pretty good.

Those look like the 29th models of Jim_Riley, how did you get them? BTW the pics are pretty nice

They look pretty good!