Couple Problems


I am getting this error:
[ERROR] addons/pointshop/lua/pointshop/items/headshatsmasks/server_base.lua:15: attempt to call field ‘AddNetworkString’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/pointshop/lua/pointshop/items/headshatsmasks/server_base.lua:15
  2. include - [C]:-1
  3. LoadItems - addons/pointshop/lua/pointshop/sh_init.lua:119
  4. Initialize - addons/pointshop/lua/pointshop/sh_init.lua:55
  5. unknown - addons/pointshop/lua/autorun/pointshop.lua:

When using this addon:

I am using this c menu:
(I already fixed the old ttt code that dealt with credits)
I want to add a scrollbar
I have tried this SetVerticalScrollbar(true)
It does not work

Thank you for all help given facepunch!

1 last thing
How do I add custom commands like !donate and open a webpage or have people connecting or leaving in the chat. Also customize the command colors etc.


oh yeah and when banning someone with ulx the ban message floods the chat. How do I get rid of it?