Couple questions...

Alright so I have all my ulx ranks done but in the Fadmin menu I cannot make any ranks that are based off of superadmin. I can make ranks that are based from admin and vip just not super. And my current rank is super admin. And how do I set the ragdoll limit for a certain group like I want 0 ragdolls for user and 9999 for owner. I know there is a console command but I forgot.

Why run FAdmin if you have ULX? Scrap FAadmina nd install the UXL scoreboard quick commands.

I always had problems with FAdmin resetting ranks on ULX and vice versa so I removed mine.

Alright. Is it the same thing as Fadmin basicaly?

Yeah, you might find it more clunky to use as using tab menu is faster.

However you can mitigate this by buying ULX Essentials off coderhire and using the ULX Darkrp addon located on here somewhere.