Couple Quick Server Questions

I have been toying around on one of my spare boxes as a GMOD10 dedicated.

I have it working and running very smoothly and all slots have been full most of the time for a couple of days, but i am having 2 issues.

I am using ULX Admin mod and would like to know how to do the following if at all possible:

  1. When a player quits, all the props/constraints in his possession are deleted.

  2. The ULX MOTD says Prop Defender is installed, but players can still mess with other players props, how do I stop this?

  3. Is it possible for me to set up some type of setting to allow admins to use their own custom props + server props and regular players may only use server props.

I hope this makes sense!



  1. Prop protection (yes it handles deletion)
  2. Prop protection or look in the Q menu for admin settings
  3. dont know.
  1. All the props have to be on the server anyways, but it’s simple to hook the prop spawn event and prevent non admins from spawning certain props.

Thanks for the advice! I installed prop protection just now, I can’t wait to go see how it works today when I get home.