"Couple sticking together 'til the very end" or "Falling in the myst"

Believe me, you want to listen to the song before scrolling down. You REALLY want to.


No editing involved.

Major. Chills.


Woah woah…

No editing my ass. That looks GOOD.

If they went legs first they’d live, albeit with broken legs.

Also you spelled “mist” wrong.

Could use a tad bit of motion blur though

looks like they’re gonna flop it.

The background looks great.
Name of the map?

Yeah, sorry about that. If only we could edit a title. Also I don’t think you have the time/strenght to get your legs first if you fall from a cliff.


looks like evocity.

Nice music and nice picture. This shows you don’t always need editing,

No it shows headshotter doesn’t always need editing.

Thanks everybody. :3

Epic. I can’t believe this has no editing. Amazing song too.
And I want your damn headphones.

Holy shit.

just downloaded evocity2 yesterday! epic map and epic picture

It’s not that expensive actually. 50 bucks. Note that the weird effect on the water is due to super dof.
Here is a no SDof’d version so you can compare :

Click to get a free heart attack.](http://uppix.net/d/0/6/e8ce5f9ca52e8312c335ddae31e44.html)