Couple things...

Hey guys!

I just have a couple questions…

I am trying to repair my house after logging in and finding it half destroyed by decay, I hadn’t had time to play the last few days. When I try to repair the walls it says -6/1000 and doesn’t get any higher, what am I doing wrong?

The server I play on seems to be having an issue, maybe it isn’t just the server i’m on, when I shoot the new painted animals, they don’t die, they just stay still. I can walk over to them and melee them without being attacked, but they never die, so I cannot get any loot from them, any help?

your internet laggs like shit. or you dont have installed the latest patch. or the server is just shitting with you.

Have 50 ping to the server so it’s not lag, both me and the server are up to date.

You’re desyncing. It happens. Welcome to alpha.

Nice to know what is happening, any way I can fix this? I’ve figured how to kill these animals now, would really like to repair my home though!