Couple thoughts on future of Rust

I would like to see some of the following stuff but i love the game already:

More area to explore in general maybe bigger cities and buildings
armor options expanded
gun options expanded
Not necessarily real weapons either i like the idea of fashioning weapons out of whatever is available
Not real vehicles again like maybe ATVs or dirtbikes. obviously though this would be a lot more fun if the maps were larger

I love the raiding part of the game so maybe more tools to make raids effective and fun without explosives.
thanks for reading also heres my stream i run usually around 7 est

also i think that adding some type of map feature based on locations ive visited is a good idea with a compass (its sometimes tough to tell where you are compared to other ppl
The chat feature should also allow you to talk to a group versus everyone in server
Again i know its new but love to see some of these in the future

It’s already easy enough to raid, I think they need to tweak the balance a little bit… More resiliant walls and doors for starters… And disabling unreasonable scaling techniques people are using… (putting barriers on spike walls???)

well i meant more like show damage to door over time like if someone tried to get in my base while i was logged off and gave up i could see damage to my building. ability to reinforce walls or something. so far my favorite part of the game is finding ppls bases and trying to get in. I really dont like the c4 so id rather be able to take down a wall or something without explosives

You can see damage in the sense that damaged building parts get darker the closer they are to being destroyed.

There’s a group plugin for Oxide, contact your server admins and ask them to get it.

i will look into that thanks