Couple Toasting the new year.

Hope this doesn’t look like shit
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-M’lord their glasses dissappear! A: No.
-M’lord why do they be snogging? A: They’re lovers.
-M’lord what models are them? A: Go find them yourself i can’t remember
-M’lord what map is this i like the sky A: It’s night flatgrass but i edited it to fuck
-M’lord why can’t i geteth thy snog? A: because you’re fat or something
-M’lord were the marines here? A: WHY YES THE MARINES WERE HERE, HOW DID YOU KNOW?
-M’lord can we stop now? A: YES.


can i get some cc pleaaaaaaaaseee

The first one is certainly better in my opinion

Thanks for the crit.

Youre a bit early but it’s okay. Why are there coulds in the firework?

It’s smoke

Ok, it looks a bit weird.

Why does the firework have a big outline?

I couldn’t fix that

Do you have gimp? i know a tric to remove it.

Ofc, but it’s too late now.

Lol I will give yu critism in “The Combine” Style… Lets start
*The Firework effect made me lol cause it has a big fookin outline
*Cigar needs smoke and glowing
*No faceposing
*Te fuck is up with the sky color?(Look at right and left upper corner)
*Did you just posed on gm_construct?(Take a CSS map there are good places for stuff like that
*Sky needs Clouds or atleast stars

Well those were the bad things now the good ones
*I gave you a heart for the cool idea(seriously I really like it)
*Moon looks good but it needs glowing
*Fingerposing is pretty good
*Models are nice

Dont be lazy on the editing

Due to your horrific posing, and spelling and all around idiocy i disregard everything you say good sir,

Also why the fuck do you say te instead of the? It’s THE, There’s ONE WORD, there’s no plural, no shorthand, i reccomend you buy a dictionary

Dude what te(yes te) fuck?
I just tried to give some real critism cause people started to complain about it and you are like:“Omg wats ap with that guy he dont like mi pictua he is troll”
Seriously why are you flaming me?

Now, now Children.

Lets not start a flame war.
Good pictures, the outline ruins it though

I don’t like people who don’t have the decency to learn proper english.

Even if I give very constructive ciritsm I get flamed. Now im confused.

Avatar maybe?

That and the fact he can’t even spell the properly.


But i go on, anyway no it was not construct.

Whats wrong with it?

I just tought its gm_construct because it is very empty.
You know theres a CSS Map where you could have done some Scenebuild and stuff so it looks like a restaurant. Maybe some better buildings too and more Stars or clouds.
And calling my poses retarded is not nice. They are pretty nooby I know but nor retarded.

It’s intended to be a rooftop.