"Courage brothers! Follow me for the motherland!" + Bonus

Just trying to get back into Gmod once more.


Lots of cool models out these days!

Excellent work on the first one! Their emotions are spot-on!

Lighting is a little… flat, but the expressions and posing are superb.

glory to the first meatshield to die

That first pic looks really good, the posing is just fantastic.

first one is literally perfect

its a shame that the RO2 soviet hero model has noodle arms

I would love the first pose’s guy on the left to be a single shot in a more violent setting- with more bullets flying around and stuff. Would make for a great pic. Especially with a good tele zoom.

Hey thanks everyone. Glad you like them. They’re not the best of the best but it’s a good start to work back into that posing groove again!

Welcome back Jam! Love the first pic.