Courage the cowardly dog models request.

Hey, i dont know anything about modeling. and there were made a map called middle of nowhere. so my request is if anyone can atleaset create courage,muriel and eustace :)?

Also, If some one is going to work on theese models, that they make em like theese outlines:

***But only black outline, so it would look Cartoonish.

Link to this map?

Along with King Ramses.

Here’s the news post

We need models of all the characters.

Some of them seem pretty easy to make given their simple geometry.

And a model of the tower of Dr.Zalost, that would really be epic.

My mind is full of nostalgia.

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Also, if these models are made, i think a tf2 style would work best.

“the man in,gause the man in gause…”
Oh cartoon network i miss you so mutch.

Sure, but first and foremost, I want to see Katz.

Anyone ever considered ripping from that Fusion Fall game? I know there’s a decent model of Courage in there from what I’ve seen in screenshots.

Ugh…I would blow my brains out if I played that game.

I am in favor of seeing this request done. It would be awesome to see the models of the characters.

Oh God yes. I support this 100%.

OMG Yes i hope someone make this

I support this request. As said, using the TF2 Style will be best for these models.

I support also.

I haven’t seen Courage the cowardly dog in years, so I humbly support this thread.