"Courage Under Plasma Fire" - A huey escaping from a Hunter-Killer.


don’t accuse me of stealing this from Jones Upwoods on the TnB Forums. that’s my account over there.

i lol’d


the face expression

Low-Res Helicopter

true true. It looks like a decent game cutscene with low ettings
there is a shitload of huee’s in Garry’s mod site

Don’t just say that and not provide links. find me a better huey.

it’s pretty bad. the picture is tiny and there’s little to none effects which make it seem as if something is happening. bad faceposing, bad angle, and the fact that there’s almost nothing which makes it seem as if it were really ‘escaping’. 3/10

Pilot is a secret terminator that is going to make them people slaves >:D

that is the chair.

The faceposing makes me lol.

No there’s not.

Do it yourself, lazy punk.

Ahah. oh.
oh wow.


Unserious man.

Yo Bubz, what choo doin bein good at editing all of a sudden?


Some guy gave me it.

Hahaha no.

There are two. One is simkas’s original low res, then there’s another Terminator-themed one made for Taco N Banana, which has ugly bump maps and looks even worse than the original.

The rests are reposts.

And adv dupes and saves…

And the pilot is like “I am serious pilot.”

lol serious pilot, posing’s pretty good except for that one guy in the back of the heli