Fucking took me forever to gather up the motivation to finish this one. I posed it something like a year ago now I think (fuck, you’ll be able to tell through searching my posts since I barely have time to come here anymore). Partisans, working in a mutually beneficial arrangement with the science team, whisk away important documents ahead of a sweep of the city’s decrepit outskirts.


Ultimately there are still things I would have liked to have done with it, and some parts were evidently rushed, but if I spent much longer putting it off it would never have seen the light of day. I’ve got no appropriate thread music for this one, so have what I’m listening to instead.

Hope you’re all keeping well :]

e: map is rp_lot for those wondering, Sym’s other map owns bones as well

Looks good to me, posing i spot-on.

Nice to see it second time and done. Pretty nice.

This is gorgeous. It’s hl2 themed, right? Also, where could i get those partisan models? I need more variety for my hl2 screens.

It’s like I’m having a dejavu inside of a dejavu inside of a dejavu.


/me scans the horizon warily. The distant warbling of Overwatch dispatch grows louder with each passing minute.

Yes it is, and the left guy is an RO2 model, centre is some old citizen pack I downloaded many years ago, right is just one of the enhanced citizens with a bunch of stuff from the equipment pack stuck to him. I typically spend a lot of time adding equipment ingame and then later on through photoshop for poses like this, so it’s generally a safe assumption there’s no one ragdoll that was used.

Oh my god, it’s rossmum !

Great pose by the way.

Got it. That really inspired me to finish my unfinished hl2 screen.