Courtyard with an infinity shaped pool (scenebuild with fake blending)

gm_flatgrass_night and has no edit.

I’m not entirely happy with the pool. Now there is not enough space on the patio. I should have built a round one placed more left and down. Also it should have edge all around so the bleeding effect of the tilefloor could be avoided.
Next time.

Flatgrass angle:

Mapping section is that way.

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Great build as usual. Somewhat disorientating camera angle though.

Btw, an infinity pool is where one edge of the pool has no lip so the water overflows and is recycled back around (it looks cool):

“Infinity shaped pool” as in shaped as an “∞”

Yeah I got that, but it was confusing at first because the name is so similar.

Good job, rated artistic

I’d say that’s more of a peanut shaped pool…

Kalixx, where you get those trees?

I thought about the shape not the style.
I didn’t know there is a style named infinity. It’s cool. Perhaps I’ll make something like that too, someday.

Indeed. If I could I would modify the title.

Left 4 Dead 1 or 2.

Thank you for comments!

Haha he got banned for making a horrible joke.

Nice as usual, the love feeling of kalixx build’s in my heart are warm.