"Cova me, Im healing a guy" 2 guys defend a medic healing a fallen team mate.


An edit practice, I hope I improved (I know theres clipping, also how you do bullet tracers?)

Your getting better friend :smiley:

Make a tutorial on rifle posing man

Fingerposing needs some work (looks like you forgot to pose Male_07’s left thumb).
The black guy looks like he’s staring at his weapon or at the floor.
The direction your shells are coming out at doesn’t make much sense.
It looks like you darkened the picture after merging the muzzleflash layer with the background layer. That’ll be why the muzzleflash is too dark and washed-out.

Apart from all that though, this is a fairly decent picture.

great work I suck at rifle posing.

You know what, I suck at … um… uh… chopper poses.

every one has their downfall

Shooting with an Uzi with one hand is hard if not shooting 1 shot or short controlled bursts, other then that, nice work and nice posing on M4-dude.