Covenant glassing.

I have to give masterfgh a lot of credit for this,its due to his editing skills that this screenshot came out looking so amazing.

Even if you didn’t do the editing, the picture is overall very well made.
Good job!

Makes me wanna go play New Alexandria in Reach just to do the pelican easter egg :v:

Its personally my favorite mission in Reach.

Hell, I only ever replayed that mission for the Covenant dance club.

oonts oonts oonts oonts

If you hadnt said Covenant, I could have sworn that was a Reaper firing its red laser eye at stuff.

Why did you scale the screenshot down, all the details are lost now :frowning:

Didnt mean to,is there a way to show your image in the in the op without having to upload to my own file sharing site?

Cool! I remember the beam being a little larger though. Nice idea

Just take my link from the Unedited Screenshot thread

-snip- fixed