Cover for my upcoming Comic

A Cover for my new upcoming comic,Apocalypse.
30% of it is in-game edits
70% of it is Paint.NET Editing.

Please Criticize on my editing skills

I honestly have 0 clue what it is. It looks like blurred shapes with some words at the top. That’s all I can say.

The ‘blurred shapes’ are the destroyed buildings in Gm_Apocalypse

And the credits thingy is a little ugly.

To be honest, if you need to explain that, it’s not that good. I’d recommend making it brighter.

Ide recommend using AA

Its a bit way too much dark, TBH.
However, your editing skills aren’t that bad.
Perhaps try making it a bit clearer next time, since without you clarifying what those…weird…shadow things are, I would have never known what the hell is going on in this picture.

Think of a more original title. And the pic itself is bloom raped, you should fix that.