"Cover that corner!" TF141 Soldiers VS Ultranationalists


C&C Please!

Blur is bad, the guy being shot wouldn’t do that as far as I’m aware, guy on he right looks to relaxed.

I like the gun flare, but the pic seems to rely too much on DoF. Way too much. And the posing looks a bit boring, the characters seem to be in wholly unrealistic positioning.

Some sweet spacing, formation, situational and spacial awareness being shown here by these soldiers.

They must be speshul f0rc35 or something. :downs:

Where’s the corner? How come they encountered each others so close? Is the guy shot at levitating? This is just absurd man.
Posing on the TF141 soldiers is pretty good.

They’re all out in the open, guy getting shot looks ridiculous and like he’s been bathed in tomato sauce, blur is horrid, posing on the guy on the right is bad, corpse doesn’t look like it’s fell naturally into that position, and TF141 soldier and one of the Ultranationalists are shooting in the same direction.

There’s a furry over there.


There is so much blur in this picture, I can’t look at it for a long time or else my eyes will hurt.

it’s as if you’ve ignored everything you’ve ever been told

Is it just me or is this battle absurd?

Isn’t there a troll thread this would be better off in?