Cover the VIP!!!

** Anyone miss this Game mode?? **

Looks nice :slight_smile: Great idea.

I hate the way source engine fucks with the shadows though and in this picture it is maybe too obvious.
Obviously that’s not your fault, but maybe a different angle or some photoshopping might have taken care of this problem?

Sniper looks stiff

The sniper looks fine to me, maybe make him lean into his run a bit more? What I’m wondering is why is he using that puny HL2 crossbow?

Also, chuckled a bit at the left-handed engie.

Anyway, awesome concept, are there going to be any more?

yeah i miss the VIP mode too but they will never remake it for 1 reason…griefing
anyone that plays the vip and feels to be an asshole will just let himself die

for the picture:posing looks fine except maybe for the engie’s running pose…