I tried to make a pose based off an image in this screenshot, as-well as practice some Photoshop work, though I’m not fully satisfied with the result.
I don’t really know if I should make a thread for things like this, but I would appreciate comments and general advice on what to improve.

I think it’s a great pic, what I would do though is apply some serious blur or sdof because the low poly/texture rocks/sandbags really screw things up.

I’m not sure how, since I did try to blur the far sandbags, but I couldn’t manage to without the result looking worse so I only applied a small amount of it, and I couldn’t manage to blur the close up sandbags and helmet at all without it ending up looking odd

I’m in love with this image, great shit.

very simplistic but still manages to convey a feel of intensity

Leaving a side the weird face on the guy behind Nick, looks pretty nice

I’m not really good with expressions, so I tried to give him the expression from the original image (this one, and thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback

Ah well, seems like the guy already had the weirdo face in the original pic