Covering Fire

Just messing with posing and editing. It’s not too bad, but hey, I’m just starting out still.

Finger pose on the guy in the white shirt is decent, but his tie is clipping with his arm.
Finger pose on the other guy however is not decent. Get those finger curled around the gun. And only silly gangstas with no proper training holds a gun like that. (If they do at all)

A crowed picture is effective when portraying a zombie attack. But try not to be to random in your choice of characters. Zoey on the ground doesn’t fit in. And use characters with face pose capabilities. It levitates the work to a new level. But enough of my pitiless judgment.

You are just starting out, so I think this is pretty neat work. Well done:black101:

Way too grainy/blurry, IMO.
Looks like GTA III.

Could use editing, or else why do they have guns.