Covert Operations

This is my first time trying to realistically pose. The biggest problem I have is holding guns, so any support on that would be nice. This is unedited, due to the fact that I don’t have photoshop/gimp ect, and I don’t know how to use them.

And i tought i was BAD.

realistically pose hahahah

this is how the UN fights

I suggest you… Ugh, look at some other poses and only post once you think you’ve done something that’s worth posting.

Dance of victory, maybe?

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WTF is up with the GIGN on the left, is he anally masterbating?

sorry for posting, i thought i would get some help on posing, not a bunch of flamers
i’ll stop posting here then

it’s just so terrible i don’t even know where to start

Pose for a little while, and try getting gimp, the only way you can get better is practice

then why post at all?

Try not to use default Valve models since they’re hard to pose with. Like Angry man said, keep at it and check out other people’s poses to get better. Don’t worry about editing until you get good at posing.

to let you know how god awful it is.

i thought that was apparent.

But only when it’s peacekeepers doing the fighting


Terrible, just terrible.

Posing is bad, it’s dumb, makes no sense, etc.

Dont use Counter Strike Models

Fixed. If someone was really good and they really wanted to they could make an awesome pose with them.

(And editing could no doubt help)

You just need to do that physics thing with the cinder blocks or can? I dunno.

*Undercover operations : Inside… The wall. *

Ba dum tish

I like the counter-turrist hnnnnng against the wall.

I don’t… What’s even going on?

That is just horrible.