Covert Ops Mod

I’m a huge fan of games like Splinter Cell, and i was wondering if anyone would like to step up and make a mod that has the following features.
-Knife viewmodel, with stabbing anims, something that makes it look cool, as well as a instakill ability for backstabbing and neck stabbing, and as well as a regular stabbing anim.
-NPC FOV (Field of View) Which only allows a NPC to See Infront of them, and not detect any movement outside of that range.
-Cover System, Something similar to zoey’s without the spam. as well as the ability to shoot above a horizontal barrier, without looking through the sights.
-Optic Cable, a PDA with a wire that has a camera at the end of it, and is used to see in other rooms without compromising the mission.
-Sticky Camera Launcher, A gun that fires no lethal ammunition, but fires a sticky camera.
-Sticky Camera, a futuristic miniature camera that has a speaker inside it that can create a diversionary sound (a rattle), as well as knockout gas (Sadly, i doubt this is possible for NPCs, so, it’ll have to be poison gas.), footage is streamed to a device that i’ll explain next.
-OPSAT or OPerational SATellite Uplink, A device used to view the feed from a Sticky Camera, as well as other things, like tell you how much sound your making, the amount of light your in. (The Last two will be on the HUD)
-A On/Off Switch to enable or disable the mod.
I Thank you for reading this. I hope that someone accepts my request, not only for my sake, but for others.

Awesome idea. I hope that someone will notice this thread so this request can be carried out because I have also been hoping for something like this.

I like the idea too, Only thing that might be hard, is the NPC Fov, I dont think that’s easy to do in Gmod

Sounds like a good idea to me.

It’s easier than you think.

Thanks. If i had the time to learn lua, or the brains, i’d do it. only thing i did with lua is know where the spam was from in zoey’s half-assed attempt to piss everyone off.

good idea, been thinking about this too, but would we have to design a stealth system? i know zoey made one that worked well but i dont know if light and things affected it. but that would be amazing


If someome makes this they should definitely make each part download-able alone and make a pack of it all together. So that way if you like one idea but not say 3 others then they can get exactly what they want.

Bump, For the Sake of one of what i think is going to change the fate of garry’s mod NPC Battles forever, as well as many other things.