"Covert Takedown"

This was done as my first pose, editing included. There’s the original for comparison.

No muzzleflash? No blood?

silenced guns dont really have a “muzzleflash”, and there is a very thin bloodcloud. If you were editing it anyway, you should have added motionblur to the shell.

Silencer hides the flash (mostly). The blood, however, is there. The red mist above the file clerk’s head.

It has a silencer on it, what did you expect? There is blood on his forehead and there’s a blood spray behind him, sorry I couldn’t include more, but I didn’t want a fountain spouting from his head. I was worried about the shell, but I couldn’t get the shell itself to be motion blurred, I’ll work on it next time.

As there shouldn’t be with a tactical takedown. You wouldn’t want to leave evidence except for the body. Even then, you’d probably hide the body, right?

even when theres a silencer all the gasses and stuff still gotta get out. so there should at least be some smoke coming out of the barrel.

I was referring to first reply.

Actually, a silencer uses a mostly hollow chamber and lets the gases expand. They cool, and become nearly invisible. There is a small bit of residual white smoke, however.


I know. I was simply supporting your argument.

You tell em. :smiley:

I see some smoke there. Also, altered version for people who want muzzleflashes and bloody gore!


Pretty good for your first. Although:

Despite that, you did a decent job.

His head got cut in half. Nice!