Cowboy Bebop ragdolls & ship models.

I have been searching evrywhere in the models forum but I can’t find Cowboy Bebop ship models or ragdolls. Can somone make models of Spike’s ship? And the large Bebop ship also faye’s ship. Also Faye,spike,jet,ed,and the dog ein?

Here’s a good picture of the characters:

Here’s an ok picture of Spike’s (blue outfit tall hair) ship called Swordfish

It’s hard to find a good one for Jet’s (the taller balding guy) ship but here’s a small pic:

I couldn’t really find any pictures of Fay’s (the woman) ship (not sure what it’s called) or the main ship called the Bebop but google search might be of help.

I think the main request here is for the reagdolls and the Swordfish, but the others would be nice too.

It’s not done yet, but here’s a thread for Spike’s Model/Ragdoll

Also, Faye’s Ship is available for DL:

FYI Faye’s ship is named “Red Tail”

Oh, but the ship is a brush dupe. There isnt any game of this Anime?