Cowboy heavy kicking ass.

The scout’s legs are actually in a running pose, it just doesn’t look that way from this angle.

I really like those blood splatters. The scout face truly shows how scared he is and heavys face is really fitting.
Great job man I love your style.

Isolate before burning, that blood is not that TF2 style.

I don’t like the blood and posing could improve a little. But it’s ok overall.

you are getting better at posing,but the editing needs a bit more work

I’d say a lot more work.

The posing on the soldiers legs are horrible, it looks like he was just trying to melee the heavy from where was standing. The spy’s feet have to be at an angle not all the way down, I mean his bones can’t tilt that much by themselves. Posing is alright on the scout but it looks like he wasn’t trying to run very fast, despite any camera angle. Posing on heavy is good, and the editing isn’t that bad.

Ragdolls have very strange blood,soldier’s leg breached,also spy have no bones.

Pow ha ha! Pow ha ha! Pow ha ha!

Oooo fuck me that’s a lot of posing mistakes. Thanks for the C&C.

No problem, I can still see that you are improving alot more though.

Could you go one thread without being a sarcastic douche and tell him how to improve?
On topic, you are getting better. Blood needs to have the orange tint of TF2 blood and instead of just being a smear floating in air you should see the actual blood.
Heavy’s faceposing made me laugh a bit.

blood is bad, looks smudged (which it probably is)
posing looks alright, except for the scout
pretty nice i guess