Cowboys being cowboys

pew pew pew

cool edit

There’s something wrong with the picture, and I can’t really put my finger on what. It’s good, anyway.

I’d say the posing and the focus, not to mention that they were usually further away during a duel.


The fingerposing looks horribly off.
I don’t think he could even fire the guns holding them that way.

Those models are bad :C

with better models, it could be a lot better.

Posing is mediocre, finger posing is horrible. Camera angle is boring and the contrast and color balance is just, horribly boring and dull. It’s the wild west, give it some color, some bloom a little more life… Etc.

red dead redemption!!!

Muzzle flash looks a little odd, but cool idea.
Link to models?

They’re from Fistful Of Frags.

Your weapon posing is awful.


In fact just listen to everybody else.

What I see is awful is the posing and the lighting, I would make it more vivid then plain and boring.

Seeing this pose makes me glad I didn’t download FoF to use the ragdolls…